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Tytan CEO Jim Stone speaks to Rotary Club

By Shannon Sneed The Eatonton Messenger January 31, 2019  Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties’ guest speaker, Tytan CEO Jim Stone, told Rotary Club members about some of the local production company’s goals and...
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Tips for Drafting a Severe Weather Policy

Issue: This winter, many of your employees have been unable to make it to work due to severe conditions. You’d like to develop a severe weather policy that addresses office closures, absences and payment issues,...
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Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) to Work

BYOD and Compliance with Wage and Hour Laws Employers should set some limits to their BYOD policies, wage and hour attorneys recommend Consider preventing nonexempt employees from accessing work e-mails through their mobile devices unless...
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By smallbiztrends, Guest Blogger November 2, 2018 What is a Call to Action and Why Do You Need One on Your Website A Call to Action (CTA) on a website is an instruction to the...
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