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Tax Credits for Your Business

By BarbaraWeltman, Guest Blogger  March 19, 2018 A tax credit reduces your tax bill dollar for dollar, making it a valuable write-off if you can claim it. There are a number of tax credits that...
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Tytan CEO speaks to Eatonton Kiwanis Club

By Shannon Sneed The Eatonton Messenger March 29, 2018 Speaking at a recent Eatonton Kiwanis Club meeting, Tytan CEO Jim Stone noted the company has three objectives — making movies, supporting others making movies and...
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Georgia Butts BBQ Company Profile

Georgia Butts BBQ will soon celebrate their official first anniversary as a full-service restaurant, having moved into their current location in April 2017. The restaurant features a rustic, relaxed atmosphere, a full bar, and conveniences...
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