2014 Top CCRPI ScoresSystem’s ‘accountability’ scores just six points behind top system

Posted: Thursday, January 8, 2015
Lynn Hobbs lynn@msgr.com

School accountability scores were released by the state Dec. 16, showing Putnam County Charter School System tied with Bremen City schools for the 11th highest scores in the state, according to Kelly Roberts, PCCSS assistant superintendent for student achievement and accountability.

Roberts noted there are fewer than six points difference between the state’s highest scoring system – Oconee County with 90.4 – and Putnam County’s 84.5 on the College and Career Readiness Performance Index. 

She also pointed out that Putnam County’s student poverty rate, at 78.8 percent, is the highest of the 11 highest-scoring systems. Oconee County’s is 24.4. 

CCRPI was implemented in 2012 to replace the federal No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress measurement of accountability. 

It measures schools and school districts on a 100-point scale to help parents and the public better understand how schools are performing, according to information from Georgia Department of Education.

Putnam County Charter School System Superintendent Eric Arena said he is “very proud” of the hard work of the system’s faculty and students, as well as the dedication and support from the board of education and members of the community. 

Indeed, even though Putnam County’s overall score is down one point from the previous year, it still leads the state and all the regional districts, as it did last year. 

Putnam’s decline – from 85.5 in 2013 to 84.5 in 2014 – is less than the difference in the state averages, which were 75.8 in 2013 and 72.0 in 2014.

State School Superintendent John Barge said the state’s “decreasing CCRPI scores are disappointing, (but) they are not unexpected (because) the index is still relatively new and demands different areas of focus for our schools.” 

Scoring points 2014 CCRPI Region Scores

Putnam County has performed better than the state each year since 2012; and scored higher than the six counties in central Georgia it is matched with in the Oconee Regional Educational Services District, as well as topped the scores of all its neighboring counties (see chart).

CCRPI points are divided into three major areas, with “achievement” counting up to 60 points, “progress” counting up to 25 points, and “achievement gap” counting up to 15 points. In addition to the overall score, each school system’s scores are reported at three levels: elementary, middle and high school. 

Elementary and middle school “achievement” levels are based on Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests scores registered by third- through eighth-graders. High school “achievement” level scores are based on end-of-course tests in core classes.

Putnam County’s elementary score has reflected the system’s each year – exceeding the state average, RESA and neighboring districts, even though it also took a dip this year, at 86.5, over the last two years at 89.1. 

The score for Putnam County’s middle school has dropped every year from its own previous year’s scores – from 84.9 in 2012, to 82.1 in 2013, to 80.1 in 2014. 

However, the middle school still exceeds the state average, and almost all RESA and neighboring districts – the only one higher in 2014 is Jones County at 81.8.

The high school has steadily increased each year, from 71.9 in 2012, to 78.7 in 2013, to 82.0 in 2014. The high school also topped the state’s high school average, 68.4, and all RESA and surrounding districts.