basic-equipment logoBASIC Equipment/Shannon Chastain Enterprises, Inc. (SCE) is a Small Business manufacturing company located in Eatonton, GA since 1994. Our core business is the design and manufacturing of motorized Diesel powered hydraulic equipment for the construction and forestry industry.

Examples of the equipment that we build are:

Model 700 - Seven Wheel Pneumatic Asphalt Roller
Model 700 – Seven Wheel Pneumatic Asphalt Roller
  • Hydrostatic articulating motor graders that can include an 8’6″ lift height loader system with remote hydraulics having a total weight of less than 7600 lbs. A laser blade control system is also an available option for the grader
  • Ride on soil and asphalt compaction equipment
  • Tree and brush saw skidsteer attachment
  • Custom manufactured skidsteer attachments including but not limited to: grapple buckets, sweepers, saws and grinders

SCE is a very flexible company that can design, prototype and produce almost any equipment, attachments or specialty fabricated parts tailored to the customers’ specific needs. We have a stellar reputation of repairing and remanufacturing products including heavy equipment of other equipment manufacturers.

Model 601 - Hydrostatic Articulating Grader
Model 601 – Hydrostatic Articulating Grader

Our capabilities in this area include:

  • sandblasting
  • machining
  • obsolete part duplication
  • hydraulic pump, valve, and cylinder repair
  • engine overhauls

SCE exports custom equipment throughout the world and the Americas. SCE customers consist of:

Model 120V - Split Drum Vibratory Roller
Model 120V – Split Drum Vibratory Roller
  • Counties and municipalities
  • Road and parking lot builders and pavers
  • Land developers
  • The forestry industry
  • Equipment suppliers

With our broad design and manufacturing experience and capabilities, SCE can design and manufacture equipment for any industry or government entity.

Model 240V - Split Drum Vibratory Roller
Model 240V – Split Drum Vibratory Roller

We invite you to visit our website at
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For more information contact:
Shannon Chastain, President
Basic Equipment / Shannon Chastain Enterprises, Inc.
185 Harmony Road, Eatonton, GA 31024

To view video of our equipment in action go to our YouTube channel:
Model 120V
Model 700
Model GP285
Model 240V
Model 601