10 Tips


  1. Hire the Right People: As Important As Ever
  2. Give Employees Plenty of Instructions
  3. Do Not Pay Them All A Salary
  4. Take Harassment Complaints Seriously
  5. Do Not Retaliate Against Complainers
  6. Do Not Fire Employees When They Get Sick
  7. Be Careful How Employees Use Your Computers
  8. Be Careful When You Fire Employees
  9. Pay Attention to All the “Other” Paperwork
  10. Stay On Top of Current Issues

For those of you who missed our Business & Industry Association Meeting on Thursday, June 11th, I have posted the slides from Bert Brannen’s presentation “10 Tips For Avoiding Employment Law Issues In 2015” on our website.

Go to: 10 Tips for Avoiding Employment Law Issues in 2015