ViziTech USA logo 1Plaza Arts Center Announces Activities for Technology Camp
July 27 – 31, 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

The team from Vizitech, USA is planning a terrific week of hands-on activities and demonstrations for boys and girls 4th – 9th grades who attend Technology Camp this year.

According to Vizitech President General  Stewart Rodeheaver, t here will be one day of learning about drones.  “This will include operating drones, learning how they are changing our lives and what drones are useful for,” Rodeheaver said.  Another activity presented to the group is a demonstration of 3-D printing.  Vizitech printers will, actually make objects from a 3-D printer.  Getting into the science of 3-D technology, students will learn about and manipulate Z-Space. “In 2 dimensions, there are X and Y axes, but in 3 dimensions, there is also a Z axis,” Rodeheaver explained.   Student s will use a table top virtual machine to manipulate objects in space.  “They will drag, drop and build robots, bodies or zombies, if we can get the skin right for zombies.  I’ve got my guys working on that,” laughed Rodeheaver.

Another area students will explore is augmented reality where students will manipulate objects in space.  They will be able to download a free AP showing how the solar system moves and the rotation of planets on their axes.  Students saw this type of manipulation in the movies “Iron Man 2 & 3” for which Vizitech developed augmented reality capability.  Students will also see 3-D videos and interactive games, and on the final day they will have a session of robot games.

Space is still available for Technology Camp.  The $80 fee is a donation to Putnam Arts for its After School Art and community programming.  Students are encouraged to earn $40 of the camp cost by getting donations or doing chores.  “Some scholarship funds are also available through the donations of Plaza members and volunteers , “ said Janet Kelhoffer, Director of Putnam Arts.  To register or inquire about scholarship assistance call the Plaza at 706-923-1655.  You may also register on line for Technology Camp  at

A luncheon for adults only will be held following the dismissal of camp at 12:30 PM, Friday July 31.  This will be a lunch and learn opportunity entitled “Geek Speak for Adults.”  General Rodeheaver and his staff will demonstrate and explain the principles that the students were taught in camp to bring us up to speed with the kids.

The cost of the luncheon is $25, and this is also going to support Putnam Arts programming for the 2015-16 school year.  Call the Plaza to register for the luncheon.