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EATONTON, GA (April 27, 2016)
The Putnam Development Authority announced today that Legacy Housing, LTD has reached two major milestones in their first 90 days of production:

  • Manufactured 100 single-wide homes
  • Manufactured first double-wide home

The project began in July 2015, when the Horton Homes was pending the loss of their manufacturing facilities to a judicial tax sale. “Even though we were facing a terrible loss of our once largest employer in the county, the Putnam Development Authority recognized the opportunity that locating another mobile home manufacturer at the vacant plant would help replace lost jobs,” recalled Terry Schwindler, Economic Development Director of the Putnam Development Authority.

Legacy Housing LTD desired to expand their manufacturing and distribution to the east coast. On November 3, 2015, Legacy acquired the Horton Homes facilities and began a very aggressive plan to ready the first production line for a February 2016 start.flooing pic

Legacy manufactured 60 new homes with their 90 employees in March 2016.

“The manufactured homes being built are in the ‘mid-low to mid-medium price range’ because we feel like there are a lot more Chevys and Fords sold than Cadillacs,” said Mick Barker, COO of Legacy Housing. To meet the demands of a growing trend across the nation to live more simply, Legacy also has plans to start building Tiny Houses (less than 400 sq. ft.) at the Eatonton plant in the next 30 days, according to Barker.

20160310_115607By July 2016, Legacy plans to manufacture 8 houses per day and employ over 150 people. They estimate 2016 revenues will reach $30 million. A second production line is expected to start in 2017 with an additional 150-200 employees hired.

“We are very excited that Legacy Housing has chosen Eatonton-Putnam County as the location to expand their business,“ said Bill Sharp, Chairman of the Putnam Development Authority.

In addition to providing retail financing for their home buyers, Legacy Housing’s Inventory Finance Tool provides their independent & franchise manufactured home dealers the ultimate tool in dealer inventory financing.

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About Legacy Housing:

Legacy Housing was created in 2005 to quench the demand for quality-built housing at affordable prices. Number four in home sales in the country, Legacy Housing is an independent manufacturer of prefabricated homes that has two manufacturing plants in Texas which employ about 500 people. For more information about Legacy Housing Ltd go to: http://legacyhousingltd.com/

About Putnam Development Authority:

The purpose of the Putnam Development Authority is to develop, promote, and expand for the public good and general welfare, industry and trade within Putnam County. For more information, visit the website at http://putnamdevelopmentauthority.com/


Terry Schwindler, Economic Development Director