SBA LogoWebinar | Cybersecurity 101: Protecting Your Business from Cybercrime

Thursday, October 27
1:00 PM

Attend to find out more about the rising threat to small and midsize businesses, and the five ways you can protect yourself. In this compelling webcast, you’ll learn about:

  • New wave cybercriminals: Know what you’re up against in this brave new world of cybercrime. Learn about the different categories of cybercriminals, including the sophisticated blackhats who operate like a well-run business.
  • Crimeware kits: Learn about the different “services” cybercriminals have access to that can completely disrupt and harm your organization. 
  • Combating cybercrime: Defeating a formidable enemy requires a formidable strategy. Learn five ways SMBs can defend themselves from this insidious threat. 

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Also available is the Cybersecurity for Small Businesses online self-paced training exercise that provides an introduction to securing information in a small business.

Topics include:

  • Defining cybersecurity
  • Explaining the importance of securing information through best cybersecurity practices
  • Identifying types of information that should be secured
  • Identifying the types of cyber threats
  • Defining risk management
  • Listing best practices for guarding against cyber threats

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses online training link: