Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Roddie Anne Blackwell holds up a booklet with some ideas Tytan Creates producers have designed to brand Eatonton and Putnam County. SHANNON SNEED/Staff

Filmmakers will be looking for buildings to rent, antiques, transportation, etc.

By Shannon Sneed
The Eatonton Messenger
July 26, 2017

As Tytan Creates works to market Eatonton and Putnam County as a viable film location, they are creating a book of resources to showcase everything the community has to offer production teams.

Spearheaded by Director of Photog­raphy Roxy Stone, the information in the booklet will be given to directors, location scouts and cinematographers who may be interested in filming in the area.

While working on productions, whether it is low- or high-budget films, or music videos, producers require a sizeable crew, set pieces and work space to bring the project to screen.

When a production team is deciding where to film, they take into consider­ation the available resources in the area, so the Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce is assisting the Tytan team in finding those resources.

Tytan CEO and Executive Producer Jim Stone said 30-150 people work on a film and would need transportation and limo drivers, dry cleaners and seam­stresses, and health services such as massage therapists.

“Every other week, we contact producers and directors, and this guide will let them know what services are available,” Stone said.

According to Chamber President/CEO Roddie Anne Blackwell, the guide will include places for set workers to stay while they are in town to do the job and provide ideas for where they can shop, eat and enjoy leisure time after hours. Property for parking will be needed as well. “They will come in with campers and need a place to set up,” Blackwell said.

Editors will also need plenty of workspace to set up their computers for editing and make plans for the next day of filming. They will need to rent a large space for 4-6 weeks that will accommodate tables and their equipment.

Producers will also be looking for temporary staff to decorate and paint sets, cater meals and snacks, and pose as extras. Keeping with the flow of a film, sets are always full of unique and interesting items to make the production memorable, so tapping into Eatonton and Putnam County’s rich history, producers will be looking for furniture, pictures and old cars local citizens want to rent out for a production.

“If anyone has a barn full of antiques in the area, we can include that in the guide,” Blackwell said.

Location is one key to telling the story in a film or music video, and the resource guide will include sites throughout the community that is available for filming.

“We are looking for farms, plantations, dirt roads or any other unique areas people want to rent out for filming,” Blackwell said.

They are working as quickly as possible to get the information for the resource guide and “in early August will hold an event to bring people in,” said Kaitlyn Parham, Chamber tourism and special events coordinator.

“It will be continuously updated with what producers are asking for to make it as easy as possible for them when they film here,” said Stone. “We want them to know Eatonton is a welcoming place.”

To contribute to the film industry resource guide, contact Kaitlyn Parham at the Chamber of Commerce, 706-485-7701 or email .