A recent publication by human capital management firm ADP sheds some light on recruiting and retention challenges that many employers are currently facing. For the past couple of years, the company has conducted research on the “evolution of work,” collecting survey data from managers and employees at larger firms (over 50 employees) in 13 countries. This year’s report focuses on an increasing attitudinal divergence between employees and the companies for whom they work. According to the 2017 study “two thirds of employees are actively looking or open to a new job.”

In the U.S., 17% of the employees surveyed were actively looking for work and 46% were open to opportunities or offers that might come up. The report concludes that most employers overestimate the stability of their workforce.

Changes in technology, culture, and the economy continue to transform how, when, and where people work. While the ADP study deals primarily with attributes of work other than direct compensation, salary and benefits remain key components of both recruiting and retention strategies.


How do you know that your compensation package is competitive? 

Accurate and current data on wages, salary, and benefits can be hard to come by. Much of the government information available is poorly categorized or outdated. That’s why Georgia Employers’ Association conducts our annual Wage and Salary Survey for Georgia companies. The survey includes over 90 job descriptions that are typical among Georgia employers. This year we’ve added a new benefits survey to gather data about overtime pay, vacation policy, sick days, and other benefits provided by Georgia businesses.

Participants Receive a Free Report

We’d like to encourage you to participate in this year’s survey, which will be open until September 7, 2017. Participation is open to both GEA members and non-member companies. All participants who complete the surveys will receive a free copy of the results. GEA normally sells the annual Wage and Salary report for $200 or more.

Access the GEA survey: 2017 Wage, Salary, and Benefits Survey