What is a TSPLOST?
Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax – Sales Tax which must be approved by the voters and can only be used for Transportation Purposes. (The official term for the Putnam County TSPLOST is Special District Mass Transportation Sales Tax)

Who Pays the Tax?
Sales Tax is paid by everyone who shops in Putnam County including Visitors.

Is this a New Tax?
YES – if approved this tax would increase the sales tax in Putnam County from 7% to 8%

How much Revenue will the Tax Produce?
The Sales Tax is projected to produce $11,250,000 for County Projects and $3,750,000 for City Projects and will be collected for 5 years.

Does all of the Tax stay in Putnam County?
YES – all of the sales taxes collected in Putnam County will be used for local Putnam County Transportation Projects.

Why do we need a new sales tax?
Sales tax revenues in Putnam County have declined by almost 50% over the past 7 years. Sales tax revenues are no longer sufficient to pay for Road Maintenance and other Capital projects, such as Sheriff’s Cars, Fire Trucks, Ambulances, Hospital Improvements, Recreation Facilities, etc. By paying for Road Maintenance with a new sales tax, current sales tax revenues can be used for the other Capital Projects.

How will the tax be used?
The tax will be used only for Local Transportation Purposes including Repaving/ Repairing Roads and Streets, Safety Improvements (widening, removing curves), Intersection Improvements, Roadside Maintenance, and Sidewalk Projects.


Have questions? Need further information?
Contact BOC Chairman Stephen Hersey at