Director of Photography Albert Dantzer and Producer Connor Einarsen film the “Silent Beat” on Madison Avenue in Eatonton.











By Shannon Sneed
The Eatonton Messenger
December 14, 2017

Crash trains and do your own stunts (CTADYOS) is a slogan brothers Carson and Connor Einarsen – who recently began filming their movie “Silent Beat” in and around Eatonton – use to describe the team’s technique.

CTADYOS is a reference to Buster Keaton’s film “The General,” where, to get the shot he wanted, he bought a train and crashed it into a river.

When writer/director Carson and producer Connor decided to make a production company, this pure cinema came to mind, and CTADYOS stands for everything in which the filmmakers believe, Carson noted in his blog.

They approach camera work like Steven Spielberg, looking at a scene and determining the best place for the camera.

“So much depends on luck,” Carson told The Messenger.

Writer/Director Carson Einarsen, who wrote the “Silent Beat,” has been teaching local students about the film industry.

Carson, who is currently teaching at Gatewood Schools, cast some students from that school along with a few students from Putnam County High School for parts in the independent film.

He has been showing students some of the dailies for the movie and discussing problem solving as it relates to production and set design.

“The movie has four main parts and six other on-screen parts,” Carson said, also noting several voiceover parts were filled by local students.

Michael Griffin, of Church Central Eatonton, allowed them to use the church for casting calls and helped get the word out that the team was casting for the production.

The group has shot several scenes at Eatonton Fire Chief Eugene Hubert’s property as well as at the home of Al and Nita Rowen on Madison Avenue Dec. 1.

They have also been filming at the old state prison, now owned by local production company Tytan Pictures.

The only production company in the U.S. that owns a prison, Tytan has been essential in putting the film together.

Carson noted Tytan was helping with produc­tion, post-production and location services for the group.

“Little tiny things take up so much time but add so much value to the film,” Carson said. “There’s a voice in your head weighing in on how to consider each shot.”

Connor added that “there must be a balance between the creative and technical” aspects when filming.

Meeting up with the crew on their third day of shooting, Carson told The Messenger the average Hollywood motion picture takes a few months to film and costs about $2.5 million to make while an independent film usually takes from one month to six weeks to shoot at a more nominal cost.

Crowdfunding the Silent Beat through Kickstarter, along with $3,000 of their own money, the group is transparent about where the funds are spent.

Most of the expenses are for housing, meals, costuming and production design.

Since the group is shooting in Eatonton, they need to house all their actors and crew who are not from the area.

The group garnered a lot of support from film investors passing their $10,500 Kickstarter goal with $13,000 in donations and from local residents who loaned equipment to help with production.

The prison location was still without electricity as the shoot began, so local contractor and musician Tim Cardier whose son is Gatewood student Jordan Cardier, let them use a generator to run lights and sound equipment.

Carson advised sound equipment was very important when filming and is one of the most important components for making a good movie.

To shoot “Silent Beat,” the crew is using high-tech equipment so sensitive that filmmakers must be attentive to any possible background noise during a shoot, using sound blankets when necessary.

Jean-Marc Lavigne, who owns JML Productions in Savannah, is providing the production equipment.

Most of the crew, including Carson, grad­uated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and are using the education they received to introduce local students to the movie industry.

Carson also taught film at the Sheriborne School in Dorset, England, and the Interlochen Arts Camp in Interlochen, Michigan.

THE FILM: The Silent Beat is a no-budget feature film that is filming this December (2017) in Georgia. It is the story of a kid who is bullied in high school and the lengths he goes to overcome his own inhibitions – by becoming his own superhero, the Silent Beat. This blog documents the daily progress that the production and myself make on this film.

“Silent Beat” is a culmi­nation of years of writing, drawing and filming.

A 1980s Spielberg-in­spired movie, the film is described as a micro-bud­get live-action feature film that tells a small, intimate superhero origin story.

It follows Jay Marciano, portrayed by Collin Cruikshank, a high school student with super hearing. When his best friend disappears, he dons his own helmet and cape and sets out to get him back.

The daily production blog is online at silentbeat. for photos and information.