Actors Adrian Chism, Catherine Delestre (Jasmine), Elizabeth Bliss and Priscilla Andrews (Angel), pose in front of camera equipment before they begin shooting their scenes for a new television pilot from AME Productions.

By Shannon Sneed
The Eatonton Messenger
February 15, 2018


The misty air and overcast clouds did not put a damper on filming at Tytan Pictures’ prison location last weekend as Los Angeles Producer/Director Chris Donaldson, of AME Productions, shot scenes for a television pilot.

About 15 people buzzed around the old prison yard, each playing their own part in the creation of the new series titled “Angel,” slated for the Encore Network.

“We are loving Eatonton,” said Donald­son. “This is among many films we will be bringing down to Eatonton and Madison,” he said, also noting he would be using local talent in his productions.

Last Saturday, local Eatonton police officers Greg Gay and Lynn Stanford starred in an action scene where they handcuffed a suspect that the lead character, Angel, portrayed by Priscilla Andrews, had been chasing.

After cuffing the perpetrator, portrayed by Adrian Chism, Gay and Stanford detained him while Angel questioned him.

Eatonton Police Officers Lynn Stanford and Greg Gay wait for the director to shout “action,” at the Tytan Pictures’ prison film location before hand-cuffing a perpetrator portrayed by Adrian Chism, for a scene in a television series pilot slated for the Encore Network, titled “Angel”.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve been in a film, said Stanford, who regaled the crew with tales of is expe­rience working with, and spending some leisure time with, “The Duke, AKA, John Wayne.

Featuring a strong female cast, “Angel” centers on a detective who infiltrates the world of human trafficking to find her sister who was kidnapped by a powerful ring of criminals extending from street level crooks to the political elite.

“It’s easy to relate to this character, said Andrews. She is willing to burn the city down to find her sister.

Noting the growing number of victims in metro Atlanta, Andrews said she hopes she how can expose the atrocity of a criminal enterprise that predom­inantly targets runaway teens and abandoned children.

Although it is unnotic­eable as she jumps into action, Andrews is a new actor playing her first part.

Handpicked by Donaldson for the part of the lead character Andrews asked, Did I think I’d find myself in acting five years ago? No way, but Chris (Donaldson) saw something in me and here I am.”

Andrews said she was nervous initially, but fol­lowing Donaldson’s direc­tion, she became more confident in her abilities.

“I just absorb everything like a sponge because there’s a lot to do and a lot to learn,” she noted. “But, it’s a real blessing to be able to do this.”

Flowery Branch native Elizabeth Bliss how has been acting since she was 8 years old, said she never thought she’d be playing a trafficking victim, but after researching for her part and learning about what is being called modern-day slavery, she is glad to be involved with a project that is bringing awareness to the activity.

“Atlanta is a big hub for it,” she said (According to 2014 FBI statistics, Atlanta ranked among the top 4 cities in the United States for domestic minor sex trafficking at that time and more than 300 girls across Atlanta were being lured into trafficking every month).

New to working in film, Bliss noted that a back­ground performing for theater audiences served as a stepping-stone to provide her with experie­nce to perform for the camera.

“Acting is my chosen career path,” said Bliss “It is a dream come true to be on that path.”

Catherine Delestre got the part of street wise Jasmine by submitting video to an agency where Donaldson saw the recording and hired her for the role.

With previous experience on short film, Delestre, who also has an IMDb acting credit noted acting is a priority for her.

While portraying Jasmine, a call girl in the trafficking business helping Angel to find her sister, Delestre said she continues to take acting class s every week and regularly researches ways to improve her skills in the field.

“This is very intense character who brings a lot to the film” said Delestre. “She’s hard and goes after what she wants. She doesn’t mind taking risks.”

AME Product on Group is Los Angeles based pro­duction company with divi­sions in Washington DC and Texas, and recently, the company opened a full production house in Atlanta.

“My objective is to build strong network projects while building, teaching and featuring new talented artists within the projects, said Donaldson. “Eatonton is remarkable place to shoot and I’m planning on viewing some of the talent within the areas.”