“Soldiers” are filmed quietly making their way through the dark at the Tytan prison location in Eatonton.

By Shannon Sneed
The Eatonton Messenger
February 15, 2018

A helicopter circling Putnam County last Friday night had some residents wondering what the bird was doing flying over the area.

The CH53, which was part of an action scene being filmed for a Tytan Tactical project, landed at the Uncle Remus Golf course where part of a military flick was being shot.

Photographer and Tytan Pictures Executive Producer Roxy Stone noted night shots could sometimes be difficult to get, especially when filming a dark object against the back sky, like the helicopter they were shooting.

Some of the film, which stars legitimate U.S Department of Defense soldiers, was also filmed at the old state prison facility now owned by Tytan Pictures.

Travis Hall, a former Green Beret and Tytan Tactical advisor, is assisting in the production to help ensure the content is realis­tic.

Under a non-disclosure agreement, mostly due to the military component, Tytan Tactical crew was hush-hush about the makeup of the movie.

“This is positive stuff for Eatonton, and we want to make sure nothing is leaked out about the production before producers are ready to release it,” Tytan Pictures CFO and Executive Producer Walter Rocker III said noting that the production crew was patronizing local establish­ments and buying products for the film.

Besides an actual govern­ment-issue aircraft, film makers also used explosions, simulated gunfire and smoke, calling for a police blockade to keep anyone not involved in the production away from the area around the golf course.

According to County Manager Paul Van Haute Feb. 2, Eatonton May Walter Rocker Jr. requested Putnam County commissioners allow Tytan Tactical to land the helicopter at the golf course, which the County owns.

Van Haute asked for the go ahead to sign a certificate of insurance indemnifying the County of responsibility for anything that could go wrong with landing the helicopter or during filming at that location.

Commissioner Trevor Addison gave a nod of approval, noting that, “so long as the County attorney has looked over every­thing,” he saw no reason not to allow the helicopter to land at that location.

Concerned about FAA regulations, BOC Chairman Dr Steve Hersey said “no”.

County attorney Adam Nelson noted the certificate of insurance indemnifies the County with the Department of Defense and, in respect to FAA regulations, we are letting the use our land, but it’s not our operation.” Nelson also noted that the indemnification could be include in an agreement along with the filming permit.

“These shoots are photosensitive,” said Hall. “We ask that nobody fly any drones around the area where filming is going on. It could interfere with the product­ion and cause safety hazards.”

Tytan CEO Jim Stone con­curred, noting, “safety is our most important concern” .

Hall, who assures the film sets resemble the correct time period and locations of military events, said, “We are very patriotic and pro-military. We want to showcase in positive light what our troops have done, and how they train.”