Spend time enjoying your Deck or Dock not staining it, or tip-toeing across it to avoid splinters, heat & nails.  


Owner Keith Anderson & Crew do all the installations. One of the only Deck & Dock companies that have an owner doing installations. This is the only way we feel to put out the best quality with full accountability and supervision.

All of Our Products Are Backed By The Strongest Warranties In The Industry:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Guaranteed Not to Warp, Rot, Splinter or Chip.


Made of 100% Virgin Vinyl, no wood fillers or recycled materials. NO COMPOSITES!

With 100% SOLID  Non-organic Vinyl you’ll enjoy all the beauty and benefits of Vinyl without the hassle…Ever!

We would like to have the opportunity to come out and show you samples and give you a free estimate!

For more information contact:

Timothy Merrill & Keith Anderson
Vinyl Deck & Dock
(706) 485-9042 Office
(706) 816-9571  Tim Merrill Mobile
(706) 816-9570 Keith Anderson Mobile