By Shannon Sneed
The Eatonton Messenger
January 31, 2019

Seth Cunningham and Kierra Hall, from Savannah College of Art and Design, were recently out scouting locations in Putnam County to film an episode of a web series.

The pair noted that they found Tytan Pictures’ prison studio on the state’s Camera-Ready Georgia.

That website provides a database of locations around the state that are prepared to accommodate the film production and the media industry.

Producer/Director/Cinematographer Hall said that the production is a three part series with each episode exhibiting a different feel. Targeting a young audience, the episode being filmed at Tytan’s prison studio takes place in a horror video setting. Hall said the show would use a lot of video game references to draw the 16-year-old to 30-year-old age group.

“We’re looking for a rundown, creepy vibe,” Hall said.

Cunningham, who has accolades as a producer, director, writer, editor and cinematographer, noted they found that vibe at the old prison. “Each room has so much potential and possibilities,” Cunningham said.

The production duo started writing the script in August and filmed the first episode last November. “That episode is now in editing,” Cunningham said.

The web series is a passion project for the couple, so they are switching roles back and forth between them. Hall produced the first episode while Cunningham directed, and for the episode filmed at Tytan Studios, Cunningham will produce, and Hall will direct.

Production for the Eatonton-filmed episode will be March 1-3 with editing to begin around May.