Surrounded by lights and cameras, Gatewood Schools junior, James Farley, tells actor, Rodney Love McCarthy, to read for a part.


By Shannon Sneed
The Eatonton Messenger
February 28, 2019

Students from Gatewood Schools’ Broadcast Video program are producing an independent film about the local soccer stars of Putnam Impact.

The staff of local production company Tytan Pictures teaches the class, and on Feb. 15, they held a casting call at the company’s Eatonton studio.

The film’s director, Jordan Cadiere, and screenwriters James Farley and Michael Tamasi, all of whom are juniors at Gatewood Schools, learned about holding auditions as they interviewed and filmed actors and models.

“We were assigned this film project as a class,” Michael told The Eatonton Messenger, noting that his teacher gave them the opportunity to choose how they wanted to contribute to the project.

“Michael and I both chose to write,” James said. “Our teacher gave us a concept and a few elements and told us to go with it.”

Graeme Brook, Kailey Grimes, Jasmine Grace, Rodney Love McCarthy and Erik Peterson wait to be called for an audition at Tytan Studios in Eatonton.

One of the class instructors, Tytan CEO Jim Stone, said the students are telling a powerful story of a predominantly Hispanic soccer team that faced tragedy within the group and overcame to become champions in the sport.

Guided by passionate and caring coaches – and with the support of family and community leaders – the team formed a bond that the local storytellers hope to capture and bring to life on film. Collaborating with Jordan on who would fit for each part in the film, the student-screenwriters said they were trying to fill the lead roles first.

Local citizens and talented performers stepped up to contribute to the project, including Stanley Lines, of Eatonton, who read for the part of Mayor Walt Rocker Jr.

Josh Hudson of Lake Oconee read for the part of Damien. Josh noted that he has experience as a film and stage actor and especially likes musical theater. The performer sang a few bars of “Freeze your Brain” from the musical “Heathers.”

Gatewood Schools junior, Michael Tamasi, instructs Stanley Lines, of Eatonton, to read for a part in the film “123 Family.”

Erik Peterson of Fayetteville read for the part of Josh. A student of the University of Georgia, Erik said he has been modeling for three years and was trying to break into acting. He noted that he has been studying (Konstantin) Stanislavski method acting and does a lot of research on the character. Erik, who has Stage Combat on his resume, said, “Modeling is like suspended acting, you never break character.”

Jasmine Grace read for the part of Kaitlyn before Tytan Pictures Director of Photography Roxy Stone took photographs of the young model for another project. Stone said the studio was also working with a company that is designing a new fashion line. “We’re telling what’s going on in Athens, Atlanta, Madison, here (Eatonton) and in Milledgeville,” Stone said, noting also that the student film, “123 Family,” would be submitted to film festivals.