The Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce recently celebrated 40 years of working alongside local businesses in our community.

For Summer 2019, the Chamber will be reaching out to short-term rentals in Putnam County for the purpose of expanding our tourism efforts.

As each year passes, the Chamber discovers that the number of visitors coming into Putnam County rises. Visitors come from all over the country for the hunting, fishing, golfing, shopping, watersports or historic homes in our area. During the summer, the population in Putnam County can double over a weekend.

Because we have a great influx of people touring the community, we are working diligently to assist our visitors in finding great accommodations.

The Chamber will be providing a complimentary referral service to homeowners with short-term rental properties.

To view current listed referrals, feel free to visit our website at .

For us to offer this complimentary service, homeowners will need to register with Putnam County. If you are a homeowner with a short-term rental property and have not already registered with the county, this can be secured online at through the Administration Department and Planning and Development Department under Applications and Forms.

If you have any questions, please call the Chamber at 706-485-7701.

The Chamber is excited about the opportunity to connect with short-term rental property owners in the area this summer. Our goal is to bring more vacationers to our area to strengthen and grow our local businesses. We look forward to continuing to develop our tourism industry and helping the local community.