Tytan Pictures staff and talent, from left, Duwan Justin, Ritchie Marcotrigiano, Karli Brown, Jim Stone, Ciarra Munsey, Roxy Stone, and Chelyse Abrams.

By Chelsea Chambers
The Eatonton Messenger
July 2, 2019

In a rural area like Eatonton, one might not immediately think an award-winning, content creation company calls it home, but Tytan Pictures does. The film production company produces cinematic content, assisting others in their storytelling journey. The company has won over 200 Industry Awards including three National Telly Awards and 10 Emmy Awards.

A regular day at the Eatonton office for the staff might include photo shoots, edits and interviews. The location is equipped with a studio for photo shoots and other media-related work.

During a recent visit at the production studio, new talent was on the grounds.

Model and athlete Ciarra Munsey posed for the camera as Executive Producer and Photographer Roxy Stone instructed her during a photo session. Munsey, who is from Sparta, is launching her modeling career with the help of Tytan Pictures. Her portfolio will start off with professional photographs. Munsey also received some interview time and quick tips on relaxing in front of the camera.

Actress Karli Brown was also in front of the camera and made an impressionable mark on the room. Winning “Best Editing” in the Middle Georgia Film Festival, the lively teen from Hartwell secured an internship with the production company.

Jim Stone and Roxy Stone have created a place where creative people can nurture their talents. While conducting interviews with the new talent, Jim had them think of things that made them happy and things that made them mad. He also asked them to place themselves in scenarios that would make it easier to talk to the camera.

Noted on their social media page, the passion at Tytan Pictures “is to inspire people to see the world from a different angle.” Everything looks better from behind the camera. Visions become clearer and dreams become reality.