Palblo Algarate and Barrel 118 owner Kevin Tomson-Hooper stand in front of a lunch buffet set up at the downtown even center.

By Shannon Sneed
The Eatonton Messenger
September 12, 2019

Barrel 118 hosted around 100 crew members during the filming of Fox TV’s The Resident. Still shy of a grand opening, co-owners Kevin and Sara Tomson-Hooper rushed to prepare the venue to accommodate the large group.

Members of the production crew filled the city center and Barrel 118 parking lots with trucks and trailers filled with equipment and serving trays. After a long day of shooting the popular medical drama, crew members gathered in the banquet hall to dine on barbeque ribs and other dishes brought by the production company’s caterers.

“It’s so exciting that the first event we host is for the film industry,” said Barrel 118 event manager Karen Manning.

Lyn Hendren of the Eatonton Historical Society dropped by during the meal and was given a tour. She expressed to the new owners how impressed she was to see how much progress they had made after acquiring the former Cotton Warehouse.

Hospitably, some of the film crew asked The Eatonton Messenger to join them as they dined.

During the conversation, they noted that they found the community charming and welcoming. Discussing the type of food they often have while filming at different locations, one of the filmmakers noted they enjoy trying new restaurants when they visit new towns. They also said they were familiar with the annual Taste of Eatonton and hoped to be able to return for that event.