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Manufacturing companies in Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia can lower their costs, take leaps in innovation and secure business advantages. With the assistance of the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s extensive market knowledge, resources and supplier connections manufacturing companies can streamline their processes, maximize productivity and accelerate revenue growth.

Manufacturers can maintain a competitive workforce advantage with Georgia Quick Start, which provides no-cost customized training whenever and wherever – in classrooms, mobile labs, or manufacturing facilities.

Benefits of locating your manufacturing company in Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia:

  • Leverage a competitive cost of labor and a reliable workforce with low turnover rates in a right-to-work state.
  • Georgia has the third-lowest manufacturing unionization rate in the U.S.
  • Increase transportation efficiencies with a super cargo transportation network.
  • Boost productivity and efficiency with customized manufacturing assistance in areas such as value stream mapping and equipment maintenance and safety.
  • Maximize business growth in the U.S. and abroad with the resources of Georgia’s Department of Economic Development.
  • Drive innovations into the marketplace faster with the Center of Innovation for Manufacturing.
  • Maintain a competitive advantage with a skilled workforce and access to Lean Six Sigma certification for their employees.



The logistics industry is a dynamic “ecosystem” whose core is essentially made up of companies that provide logistics services (i.e. trucking, rail, software, etc.) and those that consume them (i.e. manufacturers, wholesalers, distribution centers, etc.). Putnam County is home to: 5 logistics providers who employ a total of 19 in the County and generate $3,232,000 in annual sales and 67 logistics-enabled companies who employ an additional 2,022 Georgians and generate $555,537,000 in annual sales. For more information visit the Georgia Logistics Market Snapshot – September 2019 and the Putnam County Logistics Spotlight .

Benefits of locating your logistics services and transportation company in Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia:

  • Expedite delivery to domestic markets by extensive rail systems and access to four major U.S. interstate highways. 
  • Connect with customers around the world through flights from the world’s busiest and most efficient airport.
  • Export goods to 153 out of 195 countries across the globe via deep-water sea ports in Savannah and Brunswick. 
  • Develop new business, tap into intellectual capital and access technology research through the Center of Innovation for Logistics.  
  • Maintain a competitive workforce through Georgia’s various academic programs and customized training needs.
  • Leverage nine general purpose Foreign Trade Zones across the state to reduce delays, and in some cases, eliminate tariffs on imported items.


Information Technology/Software/Programming

Information Technology firms in Georgia are positioned to perform and grow quickly. Georgia’s skilled workforce and broadband infrastructure ensure superior staffing and reliable communications for businesses in IT-related fields. Financial incentives help entrepreneurs launch groundbreaking ideas. Access to qualified people and a robust fiber-optic network enables IT companies to expand.

Benefits of locating your information technology company in Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia:

  • A talent pool from nationally ranked programs at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University.
  • Connectivity through 500,000 fiber-optic lines, including the country’s two largest fiber-optic trunk routes.
  • Resources such as the Centers of Innovation for Life Sciences & IT that help Georgia companies develop and commercialize new products and technologies.
  • A wide range of targeted incentive programs aimed specifically at technology firms.


Life Sciences/Bio-technology

Georgia’s experience and insight in life sciences provide essential resources across the total value chain. From research to clinical trials to distribution, Georgia is a leader when it comes to helping life science businesses thrive.

Companies can connect to industry leaders, ground-breaking technologies, nationally-ranked colleges and universities, a diverse population for clinical research and an experienced pool of scientists, technicians and production talent.

Benefits of locating your life sciences company in Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia:

  • Ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for workforce training, Georgia Quick Start draws from a range of biotechnology and pharmaceutical expertise to deliver free, customized training in a variety of areas such as cleanroom and sterile product handling, good manufacturing and laboratory Practices (cGMP/cGLP), and bloodborne pathogens training.
  • The Centers of Innovation for Life Sciences & IT is the key resource for helping Georgia’s life sciences and information technology companies grow and compete globally. This Center assists with business and technology development assistance and access to top-notch research at Georgia universities.
  • Direct Collaboration with Key State and Industry Partners
  • Product Commercialization Assistance
  • Connection to Georgia’s More than 14,000 Technology Companies


Forest Products/Agribusiness

World-class facilities like Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Agricultural Technology Research Program and Georgia’s Center of Innovation for Agribusiness help companies accelerate growth and remain competitive.

Benefits of locating your Agribusiness company in Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia:

  • Increase efficiency and profitability with a robust transportation network.
  • Mitigate business risk by tapping into Georgia’s mature agribusiness infrastructure.
  • Maintain competitive advantage with access to funding.
  • Find solutions to seasonal and year-round workforce challenges through Georgia Quick Start, the nation’s top-ranked workforce training program. 



Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia is home to traditions that started with Br’er Rabbit and is a lively, active community, which hosts many annual events and festivals. History, culture, arts, shopping, and recreational opportunities abound. Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair offer almost 800 miles of shoreline and many opportunities for swimming, boating, water skiing and fishing. Enjoy world-class golf at Reynolds Plantation, The Ritz Carlton, Cuscowilla Resort or Uncle Remus Golf Course. Welcome to the Briar Patch!

Benefits of locating your tourism related company in Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia:

  • Ensure high consumer and business traffic by positioning themselves at the crossroads of north-south and east-west travel in North America
  • Lower operating costs with electrical power costs well below the national average
  • Establish operations in a proven consumer and business market that generates a strong and steady flow of in-state, out-of-state, and international tourism visits
  • Apply for a Tourism Product Development grant and other sources of tourism grants
  • Rely on Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world’s busiest and most efficient
  • Utilize nine Regional Tourism Project Managers for assistance and expertise
  • Distribute marketing materials at 11 Visitor Information Centers around the state
  • Reach 14 million visitors per year
  • Post special offers on the state’s tourism website ExploreGeorgia.org and the mobile travel guide
  • Promote destinations or services through the Georgia Travel Guide, Calendar of Events, Group Tour Planner, 1-800 VISIT GA, ExploreGeorgia.org, mobile travel guide, press releases, domestic and international trade shows, state-wide advertising campaigns, e-newsletters and more.


Film/Video Production

Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia is home to Tytan Pictures, a full capability production house, with the experience and equipment to create deeply engaging films from pre-production to post-production and beyond. Eatonton-Putnam County is a Camera Ready Community, with highly desirable financial incentives, location diversity, production resources, and professional support to make any size production a true success.

Benefits of locating your tourism related company in Eatonton-Putnam County, Georgia:

  • Save up to 30% with Production Tax Incentives – Qualifying productions receive a 20% tax credit, plus and additional 10% credit for embedding a Georgia promotional logo in your film title or credits.
  • Thousands of Locations, Free Scouting Assistance – From the forests, farmland, small town charm, and every type of architecture, thousands of accessible locations are available for your production.
  • You can also take advantage of Georgia’s Camera Ready program; a free service that provides trained liaisons to help you with scouting, permitting, and other production needs.

Local Resources:

Eatonton-Putnam County Media Production Permit Ordinance

Eatonton-Putnam County Media Production Permit Application